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A first impression is a lasting impression! That’s why when it comes to writing your CV it is vitally important that you get it absolutely right. Here we share some of our tips and advice for writing an impressive CV.

Your CV should always be typed up on a computer and never hand written. Keep it simple; for example, don’t use any fancy fonts. You can’t go wrong with “Tahoma”, “Times New Roman” or “Garamond”.

Try to make sure your CV is no longer than 2 - 3 A4 pages, and use a mix of short paragraphs and bullet points: this way your prospective employer will not be bored by huge paragraphs of text and is more likely to read the CV.

Don’t get carried away and put things that are not true on your CV, as you will most likely be found out at a later date and this will land you in a lot of trouble.

Important things to include on your CV:

  • Personal Details – Name, address, email, home phone number, mobile phone number and DOB.
  • Profile – A short piece of text about yourself detailing your personal qualities. Think about what you’re writing here as you want it to sound interesting to potential employers. Some things employers like to hear include the following: reliable, team player, self-motivated, flexible, well organised, ability to work under pressure, confident, willing to learn and well organised.
  • Work Experience – Give details of any paid or voluntary jobs that you’ve done. Start with the most recent and be sure to include dates, job titles and responsibilities for each.
  • Education / Qualifications / Training – Give details of your most recent School, College or University including grades if you can remember them.
  • Skills – Some people like to include a section detailing any other special skills they have. For example computer literacy, or perhaps they have worked in the Oil and Gas sector before. You can do this, or you may simply want to add some additional information onto your profile.
  • Hobbies and Interests – What you enjoy doing in your spare time.
  • Referees – It is often useful to include your referees on the CV, however it is acceptable to declare that they will be supplied upon request.

Please note that if your CV is Marine related you should also include a list of all valid certificates and sea service history.

Finally - Good Luck!

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